The Okinawa Program

How the world's longest-lived people achieve everlasting health and how you can too

The Okinawa Program is the bestselling book based on the landmark, scientifically documented, twenty-five-year Okinawa Centenarian Study.

This, the first breakthrough book by the authors of The Okinawa Diet Plan, reveals the diet, exercise, and lifestyle practices that make the Okinawans the healthiest and longest-lived population in the world.

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There is nothing more universal than the desire to slow down the aging process, to live a long, full life with health, energy, and independence. The Okinawa Program presents the first evidence-based program, based on a real population, to show you the way.

Written in a friendly, accessible way by the lead scientists of the 25 year Okinawa Centenarian Study, this breakthrough book documents the diet, exercise, and lifestyle practices of the world's healthiest, longest-lived people and reveals how readers can apply these practices to their own lives

Praise for the Okinawa Program

"Extraordinarily well written... the major message of The Okinawa Program is that we can easily adopt the life-lengthening strategies that have served the Okinawans so well for generations. The authors pull their key recommendations into a comprehensive yet doable four-week plan that's meant to get you started. Following "The Way" isn't a free shot at immortality, but it certainly helps stack the deck in your favor"
Publisher's Weekly

"The Okinawa Program is a very significant contribution to the science of longevity. Read this book carefully and follow the recommendations and you will add years to your life and life to your years."
DeepakChopra, M.D.
Author of Ageless Body, Timeless Mind and Director of Education, The Chopra Center for Well Being, La Jolla, CA

Thomas Wolever MD PhD
Professor, Dept of Nutritional Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
Medical Staff, St. Michael's Hospital, Co-discover of the Glycemic Index and co-author of The Glucose Revolution.

"You will learn in this scientifically factual and highly readable book, the general principles of living the Okinawa Way are not foreign. Indeed, they are highly accessible to everyone and quite consistent with the latest medical research on healthy lifestyles and healthy aging" Andrew Weil MD
Author of Spontaneous Healing and Eight Weeks to Optimum Health
Professor of Medicine and Director of the National Institutes of Health Fellowship Program in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, University of Arizona

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